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2017-2018 Staff

Andrew Fewster

ECU Reporter

Andrew is a young journalist working as a reporter for ECU Daily and a freelance contractor for WAMN News. He has a Bachelor of Arts in History and Politics...

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Vanessa Vlajkovic

ECU Reporter

My name is Vanessa, but those closest to me call me Ness. I'm a passionate cheerleader and writer who loves putting her feelings on paper. I'm an extreme...

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Kristy Clark

ECU Reporter

Kristy is a young, aspiring journalist. She is working on a double degree in Arts and Communications from Edith Cowan University. Kristy has a passion...

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Kate Smith

ECU Reporter

Kate Smith specializes in video journalism but has a wealth of knowledge in other areas of journalism and broadcast. Kate has her own website, Trending...

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Lisa Simcock

ECU Reporter

Lisa is a young journalist who has been around the globe due to her love of traveling. She is interested in the outdoors and the environment. Lisa is studying...

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Kelly Marie Smith

ECU Reporter

Kelly Marie is an aspiring broadcast journalist, with a passion for working with other creatives to publish hard hitting and breaking news. Kelly hopes...

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Holly Ferguson

ECU Reporter

Holly Ferguson is an ambitious individual. With the ultimate life goal to take Anna Wintour’s throne as a media giant, Holly is already set on the path...

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Ashleigh Melanko

ECU Reporter

Ashleigh Melanko is a young journalist and broadcaster at ECU. After being bitten by the travel bug she hopes to one day work overseas for the New York...

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Mari Spanja

ECU Reporter

Mari is an inspiring broadcaster with a minor in Public Relations. Mari is passionate about creating content to educate and share to the world. Her passion...

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Jackson Lavell-Lee

ECU Reporter

Hey! I love music and finding new young artists, I am an overnight DJ with RTRFM and I've always enjoyed writing, everything from succinct journalistic...

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Apanda Anyuon

ECU Reporter

Apanda is an adventurous young journalist who has a passion for sports and arts. She has always been interested in the entertainment industry and has done...

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Vesh Arumugam

ECU Reporter

Vesh is a young and passionate communications student at Edith Cowan University, majoring in Journalism and minoring in Broadcasting. Besides his degree,...

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Danielle Blanch

ECU Reporter

Danielle is a Fashion Stylist by day and a Lifestyle Blogger by night. A recent 5-year stint in Melbourne fuelled her love of fashion, coffee, culture an...

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Megan Birch

ECU Reporter

Megan is studying Broadcasting at Edith Cowan University and has a passion for news and public speaking. During her studies she completed work exper...

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Brigid Dix

ECU Reporter

Brigid also known as Bridie is a bubbly, enthusiastic, hard working journalist with a passion for music, food and animals. In her spare time she loves...

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Oliver Pomeroy

ECU Reporter

Oliver Pomeroy is a young broadcaster studying broadcasting and journalism at Edith Cowan University. After a brief encounter in 2014, Oliver fell in love...

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Reney Omar

ECU Reporter

Reney is doing a major in Journalism and hopes to one day work in the field overseas. Reney enjoys writing and reading and is drawn to dynamic political...

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Andjela Ergic

ECU Reporter

Andjela is a young and enthusiastic broadcast journalist with a particular liking for entertainment and health. Her undying love for English and drama...

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Marley Amphlett

ECU Reporter

Marley is a young journalist with a background in Visual Arts. Marley has obtained a Bachelor of Arts from ECU and is currently studying Communications....

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Brooklin Pigg

ECU Reporter

Brooklin is studying at Edith Cowan University on a 6-month exchange from her home university in America. Taking classes both in journalism and film, she...

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Paul van Lieshout Hunt

ECU Editor

Paul van Lieshout Hunt is a broadcaster and journalist from a community radio and arts management background. Having studied and worked in the arts, with...

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Greg Corrigan

ECU Reporter

Greg Corrigan is a 20-year-old student doing a double major in Journalism and Broadcasting. Greg’s interests in both English and Musi...

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Yvonne Ardley

ECU Reporter

Yvonne is an aspiring documentarian who has been studying a double major in journalism and broadcasting. She is passionate about creating awareness of...

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Jack Baker

ECU Reporter

Jack is a young (ish) journalist out of ECU. He enjoys yelling at the football players on his television and interrupting people to mumble about '90s era...

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Quality journalism by ECU students