New ECU Guild President

ECU Guild President 2018

ECU Guild President 2018

ECU Guild President 2018

Apanda Anyuon, Reporter

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After an intense three days of voting, Stewart Lee has been elected President of the ECU Student Guild for 2018. Mr Lee from the LIFT Group and Aqila Burhani from the INSPIRE Group were the two nominees chosen to run for the position of Guild President.

The ECU Student Guild is a student union run by students for students. The Guild exists to represent the voice of the student body and works to ensure that every student gets the most out of their time at university.

Student guilds and unions are supported through a Student Services and Amenties Fee (SSAF), which each Australian university student pays each year. A portion of SSAF funding stays with the university while the other portion (around 50% at ECU) is given to the guild.

Student guilds also ensure that the university is made aware of student concerns and issues, and provides welfare and support services. This includes referral to other professional services, and assistance with academic appeals.

Mr Lee came in with some big promises in his election campaign, one of those being that he would Lobby for the construction of a new multi-Story carpark and work with Transperth to provide better access to ECU via public transport and double Guild funding for international students.

In his campaign statement Mr Lee said, “Should I be fortunate enough to be elected, I will dedicate myself tirelessly to the role of President. Our Guild should be strong, independent, and student-focused and I will do everything that I can to make sure that it is.”

The ECU Student Guild is currently the only guild in WA that does not own or run any business on campus. This is an issue that Mr Lee aims to fix as it will ensure that the guild can generate its own funding without relying on SSAF funding.

“By July 1st 2018 I will deliver to the Vice-Chancellor a fully costed business plan to take ownership of the two metro taverns,” said Mr Lee.

The other guild positions were won by a mix of candidates from both the Inspire and LIFT team, as well as some independents. Some general senator positions are yet to be confirmed.

General Elections are held annually for the position of President, General Secretary, Chairpersons of Departments and General Senators as part of the Statute and rules of the guild Constitution and the Election Procedures.

Mr Lee will still be holding his current position as Guild Vice-President until, the current President Samuel Martin will end his term next year.


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New ECU Guild President