Accused killer’s idol is serial killer character, Dexter

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Holly Ferguson, ECU Daily Reporter

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A Perth court has heard that Jemma Victoria Lilley, 26, who is on trial along with Trudi Lenon, for the murder of 18-year-old Aaron Pajich, had painted a ceiling mural of fictional TV character Dexter in a crucifix position.

A witness who use to live with Ms Lilley told the court she also painted an image of another fictional killer, Freddy Krueger, on a door. Ms Lilley also has a tattoo on her leg of the character along with many other tattoos, including two alluding to Lucifer.

Many witnesses, including Ms Lilley’s ex-co-workers, said she spoke often about her obsession with serial killers.

Ex-colleague Jeffrey Burling told WA’s Supreme Court that last year Ms Lilley told him that she wanted to be a serial killer and that she “wanted to leave her mark.”

Mr Burling testified that she gave him the nickname “Dahmer” after the American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who she also allegedly idolised.

He told the court that Ms Lilley expressed to him that she had a type of person she’d like to kill, naming two other co-workers as examples.

One of her examples being Matthew Stray, who was present in court, and who said that she confessed to him, while at work, to killing someone.

Mr Stray said he asked the accused how things were going, as he had been on holiday and not seen Ms Lilley for two weeks.

She allegedly responded in saying, “I did it.” Mr Stray asked, “Did what?” To which she responded, “Killed someone.”

Mr Stray said that Ms Lilley then went onto explain how the wire on the garrotte she used broke so her co-accused, Ms Lennon, had to hold the deceased down, with Ms Lilley then stabbing him in the chest.

Mr Stray told the court that Ms Lilley described the stabbing as going in a long way and causing a “cracking sound.”

Mr Stray testified that he told Ms Lilley that if this was real and he went to the police that she would be in big trouble. To which she allegedly responded: “25 to life. I don’t think you’ll tell anyone. But if you do I’ll make that problem go away.”

Ms Lilley also allegedly told Mr Stray, “Don’t worry Matt, they’ll all be vigilante-style after this.”

Mr Stray also told the court that she showed him an image of the deceased on a missing persons web page and an image of a limp jester that she wanted to get as a tattoo to commemorate what she had done.

Later that night and the next day, Ms Lilley texted Mr Stray with one message reading, “No need to fear.”

Ms Lilley also apologised to Mr Stray via text, claiming it was all an act and that she was “Just a good storyteller.”

Other co-workers, including Mr Burling, told the court how Ms Lilley referred to herself as SOS, Son of Sam, and requested that they read her novel, Play Zone, about a serial killer named SOS.

During the trial, images of Ms Lilley’s motor bikes were shown, revealing the number plate to read “1SOS1.”

Ms Lilley allegedly told her co-workers, “SOS is going to come out soon.”

A friend of Ms Lilley, David Bishop, told the court that she described SOS as her dark side and that she’d get like that when she lost control.

Other co-workers, including Mr Stray said Ms Lilley, often brought knives to work and used them occasionally to cut watermelons.

One co-worker said the knives, “Weren’t anything I’d have in my kitchen.”

When asked about her demeanour during the weeks prior to her arrest, the co-workers all described her as happier than usual.

The trial resumes on Monday. It is set to go for another four weeks.

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Accused killer’s idol is serial killer character, Dexter