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Coffee or craving?

Could your coffee be giving you a sweet tooth?

Reney Omar, ECU Reporter

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No one likes cravings, especially when they’re ones you can’t control and have negative implications on your health. Do you lack willpower when it comes to giving in to sweet cravings?

Well, there might finally be a reason for those cravings and they may be coming from your daily cup of coffee.

A team of scientists at Cornell University have found that drinking coffee in the morning might lead to sweet afternoon cravings.

Participants of the study were given two cups of coffee, one of which was lightly sweetened and one of which was decaffeinated coffee. However, both with the same bitter taste.

They found the bitterness of coffee chemically blocked people’s ability to taste sweet flavours, leading them to crave more sugar and high calorie sweets.

Lauri Wright, assistant professor and director of the doctorate in University if North Florida, told The Washington Post, “it has always been coffee and doughnuts, or coffee and some type of sweet… we’ve been doing this a long time, this link between sugar and coffee, but now we understand more of the mechanism.”

Nutrition researcher and expert at University of Western Australia, Siobhan Hickling, said, “it’s a fascinating topic, especially because people are deeply infatuated with coffee and health. How to fight the cravings remains unknown, even to myself.”

But what does this mean for our morning routine?

Well, that depends on whether you would rather have your morning coffee and succumb to that afternoon craving or neither!

Nicole Mountfort, lover of coffee, told ECU Daily, “it’s all about a balanced diet, although I must say, I would not be able to function without my morning coffee.”

“I think the bitterness that coffee has leads us to want something sweet to wash out the bitter taste. I think that people don’t drink coffee so much for the taste but more so for the energy boost it gives.”

While the thought of giving up your morning cup of coffee may seem daunting it could work in your favour if you want to curb your sweet tooth.

However, the consumption of coffee has proven health benefits too. Recent studies have found the daily consumption of coffee can reduce risk of heart disease and heart failure.



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Coffee or craving?