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What’s On: Twilight dining

The Twilight Markets you'll want to visit this Spring

Perth City Farm's next Twilight Market is being held on September 20

Rocío Uculmana

Perth City Farm's next Twilight Market is being held on September 20

Brigid Dix, ECU Reporter

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Spring has officially begun which means warmer weather and the awaited return of the twilight markets.

By twilight markets we are not referring to vampire and werewolf themed markets, instead markets that are held in the evening usually from 5-9pm and have a variety of food and drink stalls and carts, and sometimes even live music.

Here in Perth we have lots of twilight markets occurring all over the city within the next few months, so here’s where to get in amongst it:

1. Perth City Farm Twilight Markets: Perth City Farm, in the words of  Coordinator, Rocío Uculmana, “is a non-for-profit, volunteer based organisation, urban community garden and educational centre.” They started holding Twilight Markets three years ago and these evening markets differ from other twilight markets in Perth as they have a sole focus on vegetarian and vegan food, and they even offer vegan ice cream. Ms Uculmana says they are a great night out for the family,”it’s worth a visit. You will find food that suits your preferences as we try to have a good range of different cuisines.” The Twilight Markets will be at Perth City Farm on September 20 from 4:30-8:30pm and will run fortnightly on Wednesdays. For more information about the markets you can check out their Facebook event.

2. Old Perth Road Markets: These twilight markets are held monthly on Old Perth Road in Bassendean, near the train station. Similar to other markets there are various food stalls and even live music on some nights so you can have a dance after finishing your food. What’s different about it is they also try to keep it interesting by having monthly Twilight Market themes, “Our first Twilight market will be a ‘Hot Food, Cool Music’ night as we will also be promoting a music gig the following weekend in the Town of Bassendean,” Old Perth Road Markets Team member Lucy Bromell said. These markets are only held once a month though as, “doing it on a weekly basis would be more of an imposition for local businesses.” They host day markets as well in the morning and have one coming up on September 24. as well as their evening market on October 28. The dates for their other markets can be found here. 

3.Kalamunda Night Markets: If you’re looking for something a bit further from the city, Kalamunda hold Night Markets monthly from 5:30-9:30pm. They are very similar to twilight markets, with food trucks, live music and even arts and crafts stalls and stalls selling organic produce. According to the Kalamunda Night Markets website ‘there is something for everyone,’ and you can even bring your dog along. The next night market will be on October 20 from 5:30pm and you can find the full list of their market dates here.

4. Twilight Hawkers Markets: For something in the heart of the city you can head to Forrest Place Twilight Hawkers Markets. There are plenty of food stalls selling food from all over the world, including Indian, Italian and Greek, There are even homemade popsicles as well as, live music. The markets close at 9:30pm, so if you were hoping to buy some Nutella donuts on your way home after a big Friday night out you won’t be able to, but you why not stop in before your night out? These markets get popular and attract a large crowd due to their accessible location, so it’s a good idea to head down early. The 2017 season recommences on October 20 and occurs every Friday night until December before taking a short break and recommencing in February 2018. For more information you can check out their website.

5. Maylands Hawkers Markets: These evening markets are held outside of The Rise, on the corner of Eighth Ave and Guildford Road. They are held monthly on Saturday evenings. Like other twilight markets they have a collection of various food stalls and trucks and a large grassed area where you can sit and eat afterwards, while listening to music and talking with friends and family. It’s a fun weekend outing and a short walk from the Maylands train station, so you can grab a bite to eat before hitting the town. The next one of these events is on 30 September and you can check out their other dates and details on their Facebook page.



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What’s On: Twilight dining