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Hanson laid bare in new book

Image sourced Penguin Books publishing

Image sourced Penguin Books publishing

Image sourced Penguin Books publishing

Paul van Lieshout Hunt, Political Reporter

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Please Explain: The Rise, Fall and Rise Again of Pauline Hanson is a new biography, tracing the humble beginnings of Australia’s most polarising members of Parliament.

Written by Walkley Award winning journalist and documentary maker Anna Broinowski, the book canvasses the ‘lonely years,’ after Hanson lost her Federal seat, and the years of campaigning – and yet not winning – a seat in both federal and state politics. Through until now. With a spectacular return (no less than four seats) in the Senate.

What makes this book so interesting, is not the dramatic rise of power that Pauline Hanson’s One Nation has collected, but in the personal story and the path that led from the 2008 downfall of the party to now.

Broinowski had absolute and unconditional access to the leaders of the party, and shared in the 2016 federal campaign they led across the nation.

“If you step aside from her rhetoric for a moment and focus on the journey, it’s possibly the most bizarre and unique in Australian modern politics. You’ve got a single mother of four running a fish shop who becomes the most powerful independent politician in Australia in the ’90s, she is then imprisoned for her troubles … and she comes out the other end as a celebrity on Dancing With The Stars.” Broinowski told ECU Daily.

Filming and documenting the movements of such a formidable parliamentary figure was not easy, and it pushed Broinowski to her limits.

“I’m not remotely a fan when it comes to her politics. I was always honest with Pauline, I always wanted to play a straight bat. And really show all sides of this really volatile debate that she kicked off and Howard turned to legislation.

“This book is a very, very different ride. I found myself [while writing it] seeing her words in black and white, and it was horrible.

“She was a very generous host, when she’s relaxed she’s self-deprecating and endearing, she likes to have a laugh and is pretty good company.”

The book is published by Penguin Publishing House, and is available at all good bookstores.

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Hanson laid bare in new book