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‘Yes’ events are happening

Danielle Blanch, Reporter

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The High Court is expected to make an announcement on Thursday about the success of legal challenge to the marriage equality postal vote. In the meantime the campaigns are running full steam ahead, as the current plan has the first postal vote letters scheduled be sent out on September 12.

For people curious or supportive of the ‘Yes’ case there are several events being held in Perth, featuring feature guest speakers who will aim to inform people about how they can help the ‘Yes’ case if they want to.

WA Says Yes! A Marriage Equality Love In

There will be an information night on 7 September at the State Library of Western Australia. Run by The Equality Campaign, the night will give information about the WA Says Yes initiative, how you can get involved and how to have positive conversations with friends about how they can make their vote count.

For more information, click here.

Freo Says Yes

A community rally is being held this Saturday, 9 September, between 1-3pm, in Fremantle. The event will include speeches from community leaders, politicians, activists, artists and musicians, and end in a group march through Fremantle. Miranda Wood, from Equal Love WA, is organising this event and feels that the equal marriage debate has already been won, with most Australians in support of it. Though, she said, it’s time the LGBTI community were recognised as completely equal to the rest of Australians, “We want full rights in the eyes of the law and we want to be equal with our non-queer counterparts.”

For more information, click here.

Oxfam Calls for Equality

Oxfam believes, “sexual and gender rights are human rights,” and they want to help encourage a ‘yes’ vote. On Monday 11 September, Oxfam is holding a meeting to help train and support attendees to make impactful calls to the public, informing them about what it means to vote yes in this postal vote.

For more information, click here.

Choose Love – Vote yes! Day of Action

Join the Greens in Vic Park on Saturday 16 September as they door knock and encourage residents in the area to choose love and vote yes. The event will run from 10am-12pm.

For more information, click here.


Voting forms will start to arrive on 12 September. They will need to be sent back, via their post-paid envelope, by 7 November for a 15 November survey result.

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‘Yes’ events are happening