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Muddy paws and dirty claws

Muddy Paws Challenge in The Swan Valley 2016

The Swan Valley Mud Run

Muddy Paws Challenge in The Swan Valley 2016

Kate Smith, ECU Reporter

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At this year’s Swan Valley Mudfest, on 8 October, contestants can bring their dogs along to get dirty too in the 5km obstacle course at Belvoir Estate in the Swan Valley.

The Muddy Paws Challenge is the result of Mudfest teaming up with RSPCA to raise funds for animals in need. $10 from every registration in this category will be donated to the RSPCA.

The organisation is also encouraging contestants to set up their own fundraising pages on everydayhero to raise more money by asking friends and family to sponsor them.

Most participants who have made their own fundraising pages are “pawrents” who have recently adopted rescue dogs.

Anouk Viana adopted her border collie, Benji, just over four years ago and is passionate about educating others on the importance of adopting dogs.

Ms Viana and her partner Richard have so far raised $30 with a goal of $300.

With six weeks to go until the challenge, they are asking their loved ones to pledge $5 to help them reach their total goal.

But, with abandoned dogs coming from rescue homes, comes questions surrounding behaviour and obedience.

The marketing coordinator, Verity Wessels, told ECU Daily that they have taken necessary precautions for the event.

“We will have a number of RSPCA WA inspectors on site to watch the dogs to ensure they are all safe animals,” she said.

The event has strict guidelines that all dogs must remain on leashes and that kids under the age of nine cannot enter the Muddy Paws track.

When asked whether they were worried about older kids being pushed or tripped over by dogs, Ms Wessels said,
“it’s not the worst thing in the world to be pushed into mud on a mud run.”

With obstacles including, a bubble room, ice baths, water slides, mud crawls, and river crossings, the day is set to be a challenging one.

Devida Grey posted on the Mudfest’s Facebook page after last years event,
“Not sure which was colder, the ice baths or the river crossings.”

With lots of adventure, mess and fun to be had, the Mudfest has heaps of four and five star reviews on their Facebook page.

However, participants who started in the second wave last year were not happy that by the time they finished there was nothing waiting for them at the finish line.

“It was a bit sad when we reached the finish line and everyone had packed up and left! All food vendors were gone! Even the dj was packing up! We didn’t take ages to do the course, and there was still lots of people behind us,” Jaime McBride posted on Facebook.

When ECU Daily questioned their vendor set up for this year, Ms Wessels replied,

“We will have a number of food vendors open in the Event Village until 4:30pm so all participants can enjoy food and drink. We are also looking into having a dog treat van!”

If you’d like more information on the event, click here.

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Muddy paws and dirty claws