Ignite your creative light with a glass art workshop

credit: Rachelle Edwards

credit: Rachelle Edwards

credit: Rachelle Edwards

Andjela Ergic, Staff Reporter

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Does heating, bending and manipulating glass with fire, light up your senses? Do unique colour creations and a relaxing atmosphere sound dreamy to you? If yes, try your hand at this unique medium every Friday night, from August to December, with ‘Wisp Glass Art’ workshops in Clarkson.

Design and create original glass platters, jewellery, bowls and frames with the help from glass art enthusiast, Rachelle Edwards.

The workshops aim to create a fun atmosphere were people forget about their daily lives and get lost in their creative affairs, said Edwards.

“I aim to take away the pressure to ‘get it right’ or ‘be very artistic’ and focus more on an organic flow and the creative process.

“I ensure that the workshops are presented in a friendly, laid back manner with no pressure on the outcome… the emphasis is on having fun, being creative and learning something new,” said Edwards.

The two-hour workshops are suitable for all ages, skill levels, and can be tailored to events such as birthdays, hen’s nights and senior socials.

Glass art is not only an enjoyable creative outlet but it can also be therapeutic, the unique equipment and specialised materials used in the workshops enhances the excitement of the creative process according to Edwards.

“Being creative, sharing the experience with friends, is a great way to relax, especially on Friday night when most wind down,” she said.

“Glass Art is also great therapy, I’ve worked with cancer patients and at-risk youths with great success. The idea that you can take a hard, solid medium like glass and by heating it, can manipulate it to bend, mix and shape is mind boggling.

“By adding light and watching the interaction between glass and light you get to create real magic,” said Edwards.

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Ignite your creative light with a glass art workshop