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Bride and groom on their wedding day 
Photo credit: Joshua Tombides

Bride and groom on their wedding day Photo credit: Joshua Tombides

Bride and groom on their wedding day Photo credit: Joshua Tombides

Sarsha Tombides, Reporter

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sIf Sex and the City’s, Carrie Bradshaw didn’t teach you that weddings were no longer about tradition but fun and fashion, Prince Harry’s girlfriend, and Suits star Meaghan Markle did.

When Pippa Middleton and hedge fund manager James Matthews tied the knot Ms Markle drew backlash for her choice of black gown to the reception.

Black is traditionally bad luck to wear at a wedding, but is black the new black at weddings?

“Every day in my job I am finding that anything goes, I mean I see bridesmaids wearing black all the time, so I couldn’t imagine a guest wearing black would cause much backlash today,” wedding coordinator Kylie Gastev told ECU Daily.

Wedding trends are forever changing and it may seem hard to decipher what is acceptable and not today.

The most popular trends at the moment are photo booths, cheese tables instead of wedding cakes and pets being included in ceremonies.

“I would draw the line at a guest wearing white to my wedding,” bride-to-be Sarah Pane told ECU Daily, “I think everyone knows that it’s tacky and that no one is meant to take away from the bride.”

“I don’t think I would have a problem with any of the dress choices of my guests as long as they were respectable and felt comfortable,” Pane’s bridesmaid Sienna Ward told ECU Daily.

With more brides opting for untraditional weddings, nothing seems off limits.

“Every bride who walks into my office has a far idea of what she wants and it more often than not aligns with what the guests know is expected of them on the day of the wedding,” said Ms Gastev.

Bride and groom on their wedding day. Photo credit: Joshua Tombides

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