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Film Review: Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur

King Arthur Premiered May 17

King Arthur Premiered May 17

Elliot Turner, Staff Reporter

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Guy Ritchie’s “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” premiered on May 17 to audiences around Perth.

The film has received vastly negative and critical reviews, not meeting anywhere close to the budget at the box office on opening weekend.

The story of Arthur is one of the oldest British fables and dates back to the 12th century.

The legend has been portrayed in film by director Antoine Fuqua in his 2004 version starring Clive Owen as the protagonist. In Ritchie’s remake, English actor Charlie Hunnam stars as Arthur. He is most known for his key role in popular U.S drama Sons of Anarchy.

Ritchie has ensured his version contains was a lot more energy and punch than the 2004  Fuqua box office flop.

Ritchie as a director isn’t known for his restraint but has generally had more success directing grimy English gangster films like his debut “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.”

His performance is very solid and he has enough charisma and on screen presence to successfully pull off the leading man role.

Jude Law gives a convincing display as the twisted, evil king. There is one particularly gruesome scene where Law acts out some reservoir dogs-esque violence, in classic Guy Ritchie fashion.

One element that is lacking is a solid supporting cast around Hunnam and Law. Most of the characters lack an interesting personality and didn’t really have much to offer in terms of character or narrative.

Eric Bana even seems quite robotic and stale in his role and one notable absence is any strong female characters depicted in the film.

The fast paced fight scenes along the streets of Londinium are enthralling and exciting and showed Ritchie’s prowess as a director.

Sword twirling and rapid punches are all aided by the 3D large screen experience.

One audience member told ECU Daily, “I really liked it;  it was very good. I read a lot of reviews which were very negative but I definitely don’t agree with them. I like a lot of action movies so I really liked watching all the action scenes.”

Another audience member told ECU Daily, “I really enjoyed Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy so it was cool seeing him in this. I also think he’s pretty hot.”

Overall “King Arthur” is an enjoyable action film but as expected has a fairly predictable narrative.

It is  missing some deeper characters and it needs  something extra to spice it up.

Having said that, if you go in to the cinema looking for your standard super hero action packed film, you will not be disappointed.

Rating: Three Stars.


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Film Review: Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur