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Netflix Held Ransom by Online Hackers

Netflix are being held ransom by hackers

Netflix are being held ransom by hackers

Netflix are being held ransom by hackers

Elliot Turner, Staff Reporter

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After Netflix’s refusal to cave in to ransom demands, online hackers have released 10 episodes of Orange Is The New Black onto illegal site Piratebay.

The group claiming responsibility for the theft of the TV drama calls itself “The Dark Overlord”.

Mystery still surrounds the identity of the cyber-criminals. Investigators still don’t know if the offender is one individual, or a seasoned group of hackers.

The breach appears to have occurred at a post-production company called Larson Studios in Los Angeles, California. Larson Studios mixes and edits media for television networks and movie studios.

The Dark Overlord also claims to have stolen content from ABC, Fox, National Geographic and IFC.

The cyber-thief has threatened Netflix via twitter, posting “you’re going to lose a lot more money in all of this” and “we’re not playing games anymore.”

Netflix refused to meet the ransom demands and a spokesman said, “we are aware of the situation. A production vendor used by several major TV studios had its security compromised and the appropriate law enforcement authorities are involved.”

“Generally the biggest stuff we hear about is done by what we call an APT. This is an Advance Persistence Threat group. They’re very smart in the way they do things and are a big risk to companies,” cyber security consultant David Griffies told ECU Daily.

“Most of the way in which companies are compromised is by social engineering. Most companies set up their security very well. It’s very hard to hack into these companies.”

“It’s more likely the hackers have got security information from someone, they’ve broken in or something like that. Most organisations have an inner security model. So they protect everything with a big fence, but once you get over that fence you can do whatever you want. This includes stealing and doing damage,” said Griffies.

Griffies said it was likely incidents of online hacking would continue to get worse across the world in years to come.

“There’s a very strong sentiment in the market that this is something that’s only growing and getting bigger. A lot of companies are now accepting they are under threat and are planning on how to deal with these imminent threats” said Griffies.

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Netflix Held Ransom by Online Hackers