Your map to Perth’s hidden bars, restaurants and cafes

The Jazz Cellar's low key entrance, Mt Hawthorn.

The Jazz Cellar's low key entrance, Mt Hawthorn.

Alicia MacFarlane, Staff reporter

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My cafe, restaurant and bar-exploring career has been limited to level ‘university student with minimal income’. Yet that’s enough for to know the best dining is often found in ‘hidden’ places.

As well as being chilled out and often not too crowded places, many hidden cafes, restaurants and bars have a unique vibe that makes you want to come back (and tell a friend).

So here’s our short list of the top hidden cafes, restaurants and bars in Perth to save you the time and trouble of trying to find them for yourselves.

Mechanics’ Institute

Quick run down: An awesome modern rooftop bar located at the rear of William Street, with a view overlooking all of Northbridge.

With both an indoor and outdoor area, the Mechanics’ Institute sells a range of beverages, as well as selling Flipside burgers and chips from the store directly below them.

The Mechanics’ Institute provides a perfect way to enjoy a nice meal or chill out, and is open every day, offering an escape to the everyday rush of the city.

Where will I find it? Hidden at the rear of 222 William Street Northbridge.

Price: Reasonably priced quality alcoholic drinks with well priced quality burgers and chips. What more could you want?

Ezra Pound

Quick run down: Open every day but Monday, the Ezra Pound is a new trendy bar that welcomes all ages and all kinds.

It has a very laid back vibe due to its dim lights, old school furniture (including a few church benches) and the constant Jazz music.

You have to wander down William Lane off William Street to get there but this bar offers a range of cool drinks with friendly and knowledgable staff to help you out.

Where will I find it? Hidden along 189 Willam Street, William Lane, Northbridge.

Price: With reasonable prices, you can expect the average drink at Ezra Pound to be priced around $11.

Market Juicery

Quick run down: This little gem of a place is a small cafe located down a covered alleyway behind Tom’s Cafe, which faces Oxford Street in Leederville.

The Market Juicery makes all their products daily, including their freshly blended juices. As well as this they sell raw desserts, salads and bagels all with a healthy twist.

Where will I find it? Located at the back of Tom’s Cafe in Leederville at Shop 2 139-141 Oxford Street, Leederville.

Price: The Market Juicery is fairly pricey, having some juices priced at $8, but for fresh produce what do you expect—it’s Perth!

The Secret Garden Cafe

Quick run down: With a cosy old-school vibe, this place is a great place for peace, quiet and serenity right in the heart of the busy city.

The Secret Garden Cafe has a sweet outside area, as well as indoor seating, and serves all sorts of sit down and take-away breakfast and lunch foods—as well as drinks.

Where will I find it? Hidden down Wolf Lane at shop 7, 329 Murray Street in Perth.

Price: The Secret Garden Cafe is reasonably priced (for Perth), for example, gourmet toasted rolls costing $18.50.

Lucky Chan’s

Quick run down: In the disguise of a laundromat, Lucky Chan’s is a trendy noodle bar serving traditional, Chinese cuisine.

The vintage look of this venue lures you in, but for me it was the rooftop bar that made me stay. Up a few flights of questionable stairs is a beautifully coloured, lit up Chinese style rooftop where you can enjoy your meal, look out to the city lights and have a cocktail on the side.

Where will I find it? Behind the laundromat entrance at 311 William Street Northbridge.

Price: Whilst being well priced both food and drinks wise, you shouldn’t expect a fancy meal at Lucky Chan’s.

Sneaky Tony’s

Quick run down: By far the coolest entry requirements of any bar I’ve been to in Perth, Sneaky Tony’s releases a password on their Facebook page every day, which you are required to say upon entry. \

If that isn’t conspicuous enough, you need to first find the ordinary looking door and take your chances by knocking to get in.

Sneaky Tony’s is a specialist rum bar with a super cool vibe created by dimmed lights, lit up liquor shelves, candles and a nice outdoor area. As well as selling rum and other alcohol, Sneaky Tony’s also sells bar snacks and burgers.

Open every night from 4 pm to midnight (10 pm on Sunday), visiting this place will surely make you feel like you’re in the coolest, most exclusive group.

Where will I find it? Tucked between China Town and James Street behind a mysterious door in Northbridge at 34 Roe Street, Perth 6003.

Price: The food at Sneaky Tony’s is averagely priced with burgers at $18, but the drinks themselves and specials definitely make it an enjoyable experience.

Jazz Cellar

Quick run down: Open every Friday night from 5:30 to 10:30 pm, plus event nights, the Jazz Cellar is famous for its entry through an old red telephone box.

It’s small, cosy and intimate atmosphere makes it a great place to hang out or boogie, with live music playing all the time.

Where will I find it? Corner of Buxton Street and Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn, through an alleyway and behind the Salvos.

Price: Whilst the Jazz Cellar isn’t licensed to sell food or alcohol, you are free to bring your own food and drinks, which makes it that much better.

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then they do supply FREE coffee, tea and water, or you could get a pizza delivered straight to your table from the pizza shop next door with free delivery!

Despite the opportunity to bring your own food and alcohol, the Jazz Cellar has a $25 ticket price each night.

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Your map to Perth’s hidden bars, restaurants and cafes