Perth secure in its love lock bridge

(Photo by Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images)

Taylah Hanna, Staff reporter

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Did you know that Perth has its own love lock bridge in the heart of the city inspired by the famous Pon des Arts bridge in Paris, France?

Couples ‘lock their love’ to the bridge to symbolise unbroken love and a commitment of eternity and memories, which cannot be unlocked.

The love locks can be purchased at the Bell Tower, where it can be personally engraved with two names and a date for the minimum price of $30. Extra engraving means an extra cost.

The love lock phenomenon has also spread to Mandurah at a similar price.

There are more than 73 countries and states with love locks and the Boardwalk group seized the opportunity to have the installation made locally to capitalise on this phenomenon and tourism asset.

The Pont des Arts was estimated to have 700,000 locks affixed to its chains in January 2014. That’s a lot of love.

By June, part of the bridge collapsed under their weight. This resulted in close to a million love locks being removed from the bridge and replaced with transparent panels.

Maybe in a decade we’ll be doing the same for Perth’s own love lock bridge.

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Perth secure in its love lock bridge