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2016-2017 Staff

Andrew Clements


Andrew is a young aspiring broadcasting journalist who loves the fast pace and pressure of chasing a story, finding as many sources and angles as possible...

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Blair Jackson


Blair is keenly interested in business, finance and sports journalism. His passion for finding the story is matched only by his love of golf. The best...

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Sean Russell

ECU Editor

Sean Russell has been studying a major in Journalism and a minor in Mass Communications with the hope of eventually getting a degree and a job in journalism....

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Venine Palm


Venine Palm is an aspiring broadcast journalist with a passion for news and public speaking. Venine enjoys  creating under pressure and knew early...

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Oliver Skelton


Ollie has been studying a double major in Journalism and Broadcasting at ECU and would ideally like to pursue a career in radio. He currently works as...

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Elliot Turner


  Elliott “Cheese” Turner is a self-deprecating comedian who is making strides in journalism and comedy. The budding comedian made the semi-final...

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Joel Ndete


Joel is currently a student at ECU Mt Lawley. He also has a huge passion for sport, in particular soccer. He follows the English Premier League passionately...

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Jack Cooksey


Jack completed a Diploma in Mass Communication in 2014, and more recently has been furthering his studies through a double major of Journalism and Creative...

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Claudia Haines-Cappeau


Claudia is a Perth-born ECU broadcast and journalism student with an ambition to eventually become a broadcast journalist whether that be here in Australia...

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Elizabeth Rodriguez


Elizabeth Rodriguez is a budding photo-journalist who hopes to capture unique and historic events around the world. With years of photography experience,...

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Paul van Lieshout Hunt

ECU Editor

Paul van Lieshout Hunt is a broadcaster and journalist from a community radio and arts management background. Having studied and worked in the arts, with...

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Greg Corrigan

ECU Editor

Greg Corrigan is a 20-year-old student doing a double major in Journalism and Broadcasting. Greg’s interests in both English and Musi...

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Bradley Jones


Bradley is a go-getting country boy, taking on his big city sports broadcasting dreams. His love for sport and guitar gives him an edge the industry needs....

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Kimberley McGivern


Kimberley is an aspiring journalist who is passionate about history and human rights. Kimberley found her love for performance in broadcasting and her...

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Yvonne Ardley


Yvonne is an aspiring documentarian who has been studying a double major in journalism and broadcasting. She is passionate about creating awareness of...

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Tayla Damir


Broadcasting and Journalism enthusiast Tayla has her eyes set on triumphing the big screen. She won Miss Universe WA in 2015 and later interned for WHO...

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Elodie Bouttier


Elodie Bouttier speaks three languages: English, French and Indonesian.  She first came to Australia in 2014 on holiday and started her studies in Perth...

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Featuring the best student journalism and broadcasting @ ECU.